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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Risk: We're backing Little Mix

The lads, who are currently rehearsing ahead of tonight's performance, said that it was like a "family reunion" to be reuntied with the other contestants today.

Member Ashford Campbell, posing for photographs with fans, said: "It is nerve-wracking but we are glad to be back and excited for the people in the final like Little Mix. We wish them all the best.

"We are backing the groups for Tulisa but we got on with Marcus really well in the house and he has progressed."

Bandmate Andy Merry added: "The atmosphere is chilled backstage. It is like a big family reunion."

Johnny Robinson, 45, wrapped up in a jumper, said: "Everyone is in high spirits, it is an amazing atmosphere.

"There are mince pies and champagne backstage. It is wonderful to be back. I can't wait until the tour but it is very exciting to be performing tonight. It has just been non stop."

Janet Devlin, 17, who appeared with her dyed red hair in curlers, revealed she had only been home twice since leaving the show, adding: "You don't get a break, it has been non-stop and I have only been home once. But I am really enjoying it and I am glad to be back tonight."

A distressed-looking Amelia Lily, 17, with her pink hair also in curlers, emerged to give her mum a hug and was then surrounded by supporters as she put her head in her hands.

Dressed in a white fur coat with shiny leggings and white boots, she still smiled at fans and shouted "I love you too" in reply to one.

Superfans ... waiting for tonight's final

Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack, 32, who has sparked controversy over her relationship with 17-year-old One Direction member Harry Styles, was dropped off in a car.

Wearing a trendy outfit of leather jacket and burgundy jeans, she waved to fans and simply smiled when one shouted out "say hi to Harry", before hurrying into the studio.

Sophie Habibis, 20, told fans she was "very excited" to be back as the singers took a break from rehearsals.

And Sammi Brookes, 31, told fans that she is set to tread the boards on the London stage in the West End.

Meanwhile, Craig Colton today spoke of his relief at being able to enjoy performing on the show without the pressure of relying on viewer's votes.

Happy that the pressure is off ... Craig ColtonThe 22-year-old, dressed in a red woolly hat and t-shirt said: "It is good to be back and to see everyone.

"It is nice to be able to have fun. It is weird because there is no stress attached to it now and we can just enjoy it.

"It's a great atmosphere backstage and I am really looking forward to performing tonight."

Infantry soldier Jonjo Kerr, 28, said he had been joking around and dressing in women's clothes backstage.

He revealed he had returned to work in Chorley, Lancashire, since the show ended, as he was "not going to change".

He said: "I am really excited and looking forward to it. I want both Little Mix and Marcus to do really well.

"Everyone is having a good laugh backstage. I keep dressing up in women's clothes and getting told off.

"I have gone back to work, back to normal. I am not going to change because of a TV show."

Pressed on what all the former contestants would be singing tonight, he replied: "It's a secret."

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