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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Grim undies shot led me to shed 5 stone, now I'll show YOU how – Says Jennifer Ellison: TV star reveals her fat-busting exercise secrets

Now the lads' mag favourite has shed FIVE STONE and dropped from a size 18 to a trim size eight.

The former Brookside actress knew she had to take action after getting herself snapped in her underwear just a couple of weeks after son Bobby, now 22 months old, was born.

She says: "I had these pictures taken hoping they'd be an incentive to lose the weight ? but I couldn't bear looking at them.

"Then I came across them on my computer months later and couldn't believe how gross I looked.

"I look like I'm still pregnant. I know your stomach doesn't go down straight away after giving birth but mine was so rounded. It was ridiculous."

Jennifer enlisted the help of celebrity personal trainer Elia Siaperas, who got her back in shape using interval training.

Jennifer says: "I did get really out of breath to begin with but my fitness improved really quickly and the weight fell off. It was hard work but once you get dedicated that is half the battle.

"Now I've lost the weight I plan to keep training between three and four times a week for around an hour. I really have the bug. I just love it."

The star is so proud of her new shape that she is now launching her own exercise DVD.

She says: "It's one of my greatest achievements. It worked for me so I am sure it will work for others ? and I can't wait to hear the feedback."

Here, she reveals some of her top fat-busting exercises.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise programme.

LEGS wide apart, take one dumbbell and stretch the arm up above the head.

THEN lunge down to the opposite ankle, keeping the legs straight. Repeat eight times each side. Good for bum, legs, tum and bingo wings.

PLACE rolled up towel on the floor in front of you. Then adopt a deep squat position. Push up with the heels and jump over towel. Repeat for a set of eight. Build up to five sets.

Jennifer says: "We use weights to make the exercise a bit tougher and more effective. This is our starter routine for those people who haven't exercised for a while but it's still tough enough to burn a lot of fat."

Nicki says: "This 20-minute easy-to-follow routine includes a seven-minute warm-up and series of short, sharp intervals of intense exercise which will get the body raiding its fat stores right from the start."

LEFT: Half lunge forward on one leg and take alternate punches to the front with the right then left arm, holding the other arm in a "guard" position.

Repeat for 20 seconds as quickly as possible. Pause and repeat for five sets. Great for fat-burning as well as toning the arms.

RIGHT: Kick out to the left, foot flat heel forward, repeat on the right side. Build up to five sets of 30 seconds. Great for firming the bum and thighs as well as blasting off fat.

Jennifer says: "How could I not love this when my hubby's a boxer?

Nicki says: "Move on to this workout when you need to burn more fat."

Lunge forward on the right leg with weights at shoulder height. Jump in the air, pushing weights above the head. Land on the left leg in a forward lunge. Repeat the whole move on the other side in a continuous motion. Repeat four times on each side.

Move from all fours into the "superman" pose with opposite arm to leg raised, below. Holding the stomach muscles firm, move the raised arm and leg from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock. Then hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Do four on each side.

Jennifer says: "This workout really did it for me when I was stuck trying to lose that last stone."

Nicki says: "This Plyometric 20-minute routine is the most intense on the DVD ? but it produces the most dramatic results."

Adopt the plank position, resting on elbows with back flat. Move left foot out and in, repeat on the right and alternate for 1min. Rest and repeat three times. Fab all-over body toner, good for stomach.

Lie on the floor with knees bent. Keeping the small of the back in contact with the floor, curl the shoulders off the floor, with hands behind the head. Repeat for ten, build up to 10 sets. Great for stomach.

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