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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Leona Lewis is back on X Factor

"I'M really looking forward to this weekend ? I'm rooting for Marcus.

I love his voice and he's versatile.

He puts 100 per cent into the big singing and dancing numbers but I saw one stripped-down performance of him just singing with the piano and it was really emotional. He can do it all.

Amelia is good ? I like her, and love her hair. Her song choices are cool as well. She tends to go a bit left-field with them.

It must have been quite difficult for her to come back to the show so far down the line but hopefully that means she's got the least to lose.

Little Mix are good as well ? the girls are sweet and I don't think they're a conventional girl group.

They're diverse and remind me of Sugababes when they first came out ? they feel very fresh.

I was really sad to see Misha B go as she's so talented. Sometimes when artists are really good the public think they're safe and stop voting.

Simon has been such a big part of X Factor in the UK for so long it was time for him to take that step back to do something different.

The new judges really bring something different to the show.

I love Gary Barlow ? he talks a lot of sense and it's good to have someone with his experience on the show.

Kelly Rowland is a hard worker, a professional and Tulisa brings a new aspect ? she's cool, young and she adds something extra."

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