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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Rihanna wants a tweetheart: Bajan star is on the lookout for a boyfriend as part of her New Year's Resolution

Ditching the fags may take a bit of work ? the other two she should have nailed by February.

New Year's Eve didn't deliver for the star in the men department.

Despite being at P Diddy's posh bash in Miami, and wearing a see-through dress which flashed her nipple ring, she ended up snogging her mate, later tweeting the message.

The singer reckons there's no better time to quit smoking after finishing her gruelling world tour.

A source said: "She thinks it's a good time to do it as she has some down time. She'll be able to dedicate even more time to working out as she's worried she'll pile on weight once she stops.

"As for the men, she's always on the lookout but she's pretty fussy."

Her aim to make more money is a no-brainer ? she rakes it in.

No wonder her management rolled over when she said she wanted to extend her holiday in Barbados by a week or so.

Rather than her having to jet back to New York to hit the studio later this week, her label Def Jam are flying 16 top songwriters and producers over to the Caribbean for a "writing camp" with the Bajan star.

That's a meeting where rum would come in handy. A drink that cures everything except alcoholism, according to wise man Johnny Vaughan.

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