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Monday, 9 January 2012

JLS tee up plenty of clubbing: The boyband have put their days of pulling women in clubs behind them in favour of the golf course

The band have put their days of pulling women in London's West End clubs behind them in favour of the golf course.

They've become hooked on the sport and are determined to get a single figure handicap this year.

JB said: "We've taken up golf as a hobby and we're really getting on it.

"We are all kind of a similar standard, except for Oritse who hasn't picked it up yet.

"Aston probably has the best drive, Marvin has the best short game and my 'inbetween' shots are quite good.

"But the game takes time so when we get better we'll get a handicap and all that sort of stuff."

It's quite surprising JB is giving golf a bash given the footie and rugby stinkers he had when he was young.

He said: "I used to play rugby when I was at school and I lost in the final of a tournament to a side we had beaten in the normal season.

"I threw the second-place medal on the floor, I was really bad.

"And I used to play football in scouts. I was in goal and in a final there were sudden-death penalties.

"The ball went underneath my body into the goal. I don't know what got into me but I burst out crying."

There might be tears at the Bizarre Masters later this year when the boys battle it out for celebrity golf glory.

The stakes are high ? they are the only band in the country who would actually wear the McMatalan Tartan winners' blazers on a night out.

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